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super useful for someone who loves looking at reviews - I frequently shop for gear with multiple tabs open to check out different opinions as I browse, and Primary makes it easy to do both from a single window. highly recommend!

Jim Bugg

really cool extension which shows you reviews and forum posts from around the internet, both good and bad. really helpful in getting informed.

Taylor Venema

Works really well, puts information right at your fingertips when shopping and saves the searching.

Kyle Sweeney

I prefer to not add many extensions in order to keep the memory footprint low (or as low as possible, at the least), but this one is pretty cool, as I like to do a lot of research before buying anything, and it makes this process a lot easier and faster!

Liordino Neto

In fact, it was so helpful that I ended up buying the Gator case. While the majority of the consensus votes said the Mono case was fantastic - it should be, especially for the pricepoint. The Gator owner’s experience - especially those with experience with BOTH said the quality difference was not reflected in the price.

I found a new / used one on ebay for $150. That was awesome. The extension shortened my research timeline and led me to save money.

Mike Woods

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