Bartolini TCT-4.7APJ Pre-Wired Harness


Bartolini TCT-4.7APJ Pre-Wired Harness

TCT 3 Band EQ, 4 Pots, 1 toggle Jazz Layout: (Volume with Pull-Bypass Switch) (Blend) (Mid) [250,500,750Hz Mid Toggle] (Treble/Bass Stack)


Preamp Module Size: 1.76" [44.7mm] Long, 1.02" [25.9mm] Wide, 0.54" [13.7mm] Thick

Mid Boost Module Size: 1.05" [26.7mm] Long, 0.79" [20.1mm] Wide, 0.43" [10.9mm] Thick

Operating Voltage: 9V - Prewired battery clip.

Gain: 3dB - Average boost is preset. Additional b

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