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A person or team who inspires or influences dreams to change the world, especially in a particularly meaningful endeavor.

"they accomplished more than they could have imagined because of the loominaries that helped them along the way"
synonyms: guiding light, challenger, truth teller, helper

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Paul Lee
CEO and Co-Founder

About me

I joined my first online community after my mom brought home a 386 and a 2400-baud modem from work. Since then, I've been drawn to communities that share a common desire to help each other. Threadloom is meaningful to me as a way to bring back mutual respect and personal dignity to the Internet. I'm excited to work with an amazing team that practices this daily in person.

One thing I enjoy: Hiking

My wife taught me to enjoy hiking, since I rarely hiked as a kid. The most awe-inspiring hike we've been on is Milford Track, but my favorite regular hike is Fall Creek Unit at Henry Cowell State Park. Our family likes to go on a medium-length loop that's well-shaded and follows the water, which is my favorite part of the hike. Sometimes, we'll make dams in the creek; other times, we'll just stop and listen to the flow of the water. My second favorite part is the bridges and fallen trees. And if the weather is warm, we'll stop by the visitor center and get Marianne's Ice Cream.

Forums: Tesla Motors Club, FlyerTalk, Slickdeals, r/meraki

Alyssa Caulley
VP of Engineering

About me

I enjoy being close to the product and trying to find simple solutions to complex problems. At Threadloom, I'm inspired by our values-driven, talented, and humble team. I'm excited to help build a company that is thoughtful about our role in our local communities, the vibrant online communities we work with, and society as a whole.

One thing I enjoy: Mountains

The photo is me on top of Haleakala at sunrise with my oldest child who is now old enough to hike on her own. :) When I get to travel, I most enjoy finding hikes or ways to take in beautiful views. I love mountains, which I'm lucky to be surrounded by in the Pacific Northwest, and I celebrate them every sunny day we get!

Forums: Baby Bargains, LetsRun, Kitchen Knife Forums

Timothy Chan
Software Engineer

About me

I love the innovative culture of a startup, and working with talented engineers who are humble and conscientious, yet courageous and determined. Outside of work and family time, I enjoy reading, watching the San Francisco Giants, mentoring youth, gigging as a live sound engineer, and planning family road trips to obscure small towns.

One thing I enjoy: The San Francisco Giants

They say that baseball mirrors life because if you succeed 30% of the time, then you're already an elite player. San Francisco Giants is a classy sports organization that reaches out to children in underserved communities with the Junior Giants program, of which I have been a volunteer coach. The best part is making a difference in those kids' lives. It was an honor to receive the 2018 Willie Mac Junior Giants Coaching Award on the day this photo was taken.

Forums: TalkBass, FlyerTalk

Raquel Romano

About me

I like building software that helps people get stuff done. I frequently find myself on forums looking for advice on the strangest things, like what to do if your kid left a hard-boiled egg in his track bag for a whole summer, or how to simulate a Peruvian highland climate in your home to keep the family chinchilla alive. I also like working toward a common goal with smart and humble people who respect the value others bring to a project.

One thing I enjoy: The outdoors

I love the outdoors. While I'd love to live in the middle of the wilderness, I'll settle for a weekend hike or an overnight camping trip at a nearby county park with my husband and three children. This picture is me at Mt. Madonna, enjoying a moment of peace while hosting an overnight birthday party campout for a pack of 13-year-olds.

Forums: Chinchilla Club, Good Reads, Berkeley Parents Network

Chris Dildy
Technical Account Manager

About me

Forums were the first social network I was exposed to. I could connect with knowledgeable people across the globe. I eventually started building my own communities in areas that were interesting to me. After 16 years of sales and acquisition, I was responsible for over 100 active communities. The most challenging task of managing a community is to see it grow through curation of content. This is why I am thrilled to work as a part of the Threadloom team, to help admins in different verticals bring their best content to the forefront of the Internet.

One thing I enjoy: Hiking

One of my favorite things to do is to go on an hour-long hike where cell reception is questionable at best. Just as I leave Umstead State Park, I realize I haven’t gotten any notifications and the forum world I’m in didn’t collapse. It’s a reminder to get outside and enjoy the world around me.

Forums: Slickdeals, Gun & Game, FlyerTalk

Gustavo Azevedo
Frontend Engineer

About me

Coming soon!

Alex Wilsey
Associate Product Manager

About me

The internet has always been a place where I’ve gone to explore my interests. Often I found myself most engaged with perspectives founded in personal experience and backed by data. This led me to study data analytics at Washington State University. As a recent graduate, I’m excited for the opportunity to begin a career where I can help people make informed choices and explore the things that they are passionate about. Outside of the office I enjoy spending my time golfing, on the water and skiing. In fact, I got my first introduction to forums on Newschoolers, a free-skiing forum.

One thing I enjoy: Golf

Growing up as an only child, I gravitated towards individual sports. In middle school, I began to play golf regularly and became extremely passionate about it. I continued to play golf throughout my childhood and played competitively in high school. I enjoy golf because it lets me get outside and relax. My favorite course is Prospector in Cle Elum, Washington, and I’m currently a season pass holder at Palouse Ridge in Pullman.

Forums: Newschoolers, r/fastfood

Tina Nguyen
Product Designer

About me

I am a perpetual student and love doing things that challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone. The journey to mastery is exhilarating; I strive to be a Renaissance woman. I love creating and building products that have a positive impact on the world and it’s even better when I’m working with fellow unapologetic do-gooders.

One thing I enjoy: Books

When not trying to save the world, I can be found escaping in a good book while surrounded by my babies (human + feline).